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About Tammy Sytsma, LPC, CYT

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My Philosophy on Change

If you are feeling anxiety, depression or stress that is overwhelming, then your brain and your body have created patterns that aren't working for you.  Talk therapy provides insight, but is not enough to change these patterns.  I will guide you with into the processes of repairing the brain/body relationship through

a good fit of skills and actions including breathing techniques, relaxation, cognitive behavior therapy, and meditation.  These techniques have clinical research behind them.  I will teach you about the brain and body patterns that are causing problems, so you can actively create changes that last, because your mental and your physical health go hand in hand.  You will leave individual sessions and/or  group sessions with a plan for skills to practice for lasting changes that support the life you want to live. 

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Who I Am

I am a licensed professional counselor and a trained yoga therapist.  I am knowledgeable in and use a variety of practices that contribute to mental and physical health and wellness.  I use neuro-science, to understand how the brain and the nervous system work and how my clients can work toward retraining their brains and nervous systems. I utilize the processes behind planning, creating, and maintaining habits for change.  I am trained in Motivational Interviewing which helps clients move toward change, as well as cognitive therapies to help with thinking patterns. I am a yoga therapist.  Yoga is a powerful and proven way to teach your mind and body to work together to create a happy, healthy life through breathwork, mindfulness, body awareness, affirmation and relaxation.