1:1 Counseling

VIRTUAL SESSIONS AS WELL AS IN-PERSON SESSIONS AVAILABLE  Together we will create an action plan, bringing brain and body together to relieve your discomfort and create the life you are seeking!  

Talk therapy alone is not enough to create change 

You need actions and practices too! 

Empowerment  through education, Fulfillment through compassionate guidance,  Growth in new patterns, Motivation through action, and Health in mind & body!

Action-oriented therapy: it's not just talk it's also what you can DO​ for your mental health!

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Here's How:


​GROUPS WILL BE HELD IN AN OUTDOOR PARK Learn the skills you need  to ease stress, lessen the effects of anxiety and depression, and find enjoyment in life!  Skills such as breathing to reduce anxiety, relaxing to reduce tension, CARE to change thinking patterns, focus to increase awareness, and more!

Tammy Sytsma

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Yoga Therapist specializing in techniques and skills that are proven effective for depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, lack of motivation, addiction, stress, and more.