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Get Help With:

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Life transitions, Trauma recovery/PTSD, Addiction, and more.


Other Services:

How about a gift certificate? Call and I will create whatever you need! They make great gifts for yourself or others.

Services over the phone or internet?  Yes!  Call 608-228-0979 and we'll discuss charges (usually 2 phone/internet sessions for $90).

Looking for specific groups, workshops or retreats? Click above on groups and workshops.

Mental Health Services

​​I offer individual therapy options and group therapy options for all kinds of clientele.  Even better, experience both!  See me 1:1 for an individualized plan and active strategies for change to fit your unique needs.  Come to groups to really solidify and create a routine to support your new practices and healthy patterns.

Payment Options: I am able to accept clients paying with some insurances (for groups as well) and also out of  pocket  paying clients.  The list below is not all inclusive for insurances. Your best bet is to call your insurance and ask if I am a listed provider.  Out of pocket clients can pay via cash, check, or credit card. 

Out of Pocket:   

It is best to start with 4 sessions. One session as a history and intake session.  One to create a solid plan.  Another to follow up the plan and finally, one to keep that plan in place.

  • 4 sessions: $360
  • 3 sessions: $285
  • 2 sessions: $200
  • 1 session: $110

*Service fee will be added on for credit card payments

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  • Aetna                                                         
  • Alliance                                                      
  • UMR                                                             
  • WPS
  • Humana
  • Dean POS
  • Tri-Care
  • WEA
  • Others may be accepted, call your insurance carrier and ask or call me!  608-228-0979